Execution summary in the audit log

The MapAudit Switch = On and the SummaryAudit Execution = On map settings produce an audit log with execution summary information. The ExecutionSummary element of the audit log provides performance data for the map as a whole.

Execution summary information includes:

  • Map status information
  • Compiled map name
  • Map return code
  • Number of input objects found
  • Elapsed execution time
  • Number of output objects built
  • Burst restart count
  • Source data report by card
  • Map return code message
  • Target data report by card
  • Work area information by card

The format of the elapsed time is presented differently on Windows platforms than on non-Windows platforms.

Some information is optional, and does not always appear in the ExecutionSummary element of the audit log. For example, information about objects found and built is provided only when using a command engine. WorkArea data is provided only when a work area is used during map processing.