Running a map

After a map is compiled, you can run it. When you run a map, the information in the compiled map file is used to create the output data.

To run a map, use the Map Designer, Launcher, Command Server, an integration or transformation server, or an API. Command Server is available for the following platforms: HP-UX (Itanium processor), IBM® AIX® (RS/6000® processor), IBM z/OS®, Linux (Intel processor), Linux for Power Systems, and Linux for System z, and Sun Solaris (SPARC processor). Some Command Servers have different command options. For information about command options for a Command Server in a particular environment, see the Command Server documentation.

If you have a Launcher, use the Integration Flow Designer to configure maps to run. You can run a IBM Transformation Extender map from within an application by using a TX programming interface. You can use the RUN function to run a map within another map. You can also run maps from any supported integration or transformation products with which IBM Transformation Extender is integrated.