SourceRule input card settings

SourceRule settings specify what data to retrieve, where to get it, how much to get, and what to do when an error occurs.

The SourceRule settings define how the input is retrieved. The data object specified in the input card defines what data is retrieved. The SourceRule settings define how the data is retrieved.

To define card-specific data retrieval behavior, specify the SourceRule settings for each input card. An input card represents an input source. The content of an input is a data object such as a table of patient records in a relational database, a message that contains a mortgage application, or a file of item master update records that is transferred from another location using the FTP adapter.

The content of an input card is defined with the CardName, TypeTree and Type settings. These settings define what the data is, but does not specify how to retrieve the data. The Source, FetchAs, WorkArea and FetchUnit card settings are some of the SourceRule settings that define how the data is retrieved for each input card.

To define SourceRule settings:

  1. Select the input card.
  2. On the Map menu, click Settings.
  3. Enter desired values for SourceRule settings in the Properties view.