Static input cards

You can reduce the processing overhead of a map that runs repeatedly by including static input files in the map. A static input file doesn't change during map processing, such as a configuration file or a lookup table. A static file in a compiled map is parsed and validated only once, when the map loads. Other inputs are validated each time the map runs.

You can override a static file input in a compiled map with another adapter. The static file input must pass validation in order for the map to load, but the map uses the adapter override when it runs.

You cannot use the static file adapter to override an input card during map execution. Static file input must be compiled into the map.

To change the contents of a static file, you must recompile and redeploy the map. When you enable map caching, you must restart the process before the map can use the updated static file.

Note: The tx_install_dir/dtx.ini configuration file controls map caching for Launcher and RUN maps. See the related information links for details about map caching in other environments.