Unavailable rule cells

The output of a map produces each output card object. To produce a card object, the required objects that compose the card object must be produced. There is a rule cell for each object within the card object.

If an output object is an item, you must supply a rule for it. If an output object is a group, you have two options. Either you can enter a rule for the object as a whole, or you can expand the view of that object in the output card and enter rules for each data object.

Defining how each component of the output object as a whole must be produced is the equivalent of defining how to create the entire output object.

If map rules are entered for each component of the output object, map rules may not be entered for the entire output object. When you expand the entire output object, notice that the rule cell next to the output object is automatically unavailable (grayed out). Entering a rule for the entire output object would be redundant, because the individual components of the output object already have map rules.

When you expand a group that has a component range maximum greater than 1, the rule cells on the components of that group are unavailable.