Validation results

The Validation Result tab displays the result of the XML validation process. When XML validation does not complete successfully, the applicable error messages are displayed. If map execution failed early in the validation process, this tab might not contain any information.

To locate the error, open the XML input file, go to the fourteenth line, and then 10 characters into the line.

The following XML code represents the XML input file for this example. The validation error is associated with GenDate. GenDate is required and there is no value present.

    <?xml version="1.0" ?>
  - <PO>
    - <Header>
        <Contact Name="Darryl Brown" Phone="555-444-1212" />
      - <Instruction Type="NONE">
          <Addressee>2000 E. Overlook Hwy</Addressee>
          <AddressLine />
          <City>Boca Raton</City>
        <GenDate />
    - <LineITem>
        <CatalogUPC />