Self-signed certificates

You can create a self-signed certificate that can be configured on the Map Designer.

Both server certificate and private key files are required to implement HTTPS. The Map Designer requires a server certificate for HTTPS, which is automatically added to the certificate store during the "add" or "create" process. Both public and private key pairs are stored in the JRE certificate store, located in install_dir\java\lib\security\cacerts, where install_dir refers to the path where IBM Transformation Extender is installed.

The self-signed certificates that you create using the Map Designer produce DER-formatted server certificates. The private key files are PEM-formatted.

Tip: For best results, create or add certificates to the JRE certificate store at the beginning of your Map Designer session. Certain operations, such as running a WebSphere DataPower map, initiate a JVM that is loaded into memory and remains there until the Map Designer session is closed. Any additions to the JRE certificate store that occur after the JVM has been loaded into memory will not be recognized during the current session. In such a scenario, you must restart the Map Designer for the new or updated certificate to be recognized.