SPE Logging options

Use the Design Studio Standards Processing Engine preferences to configure the logging options that are in effect when you deploy an artifact to SPE or test-run a map on SPE.

Generate Session Log
Generates a log file when you test-run a map or deploy an artifact to SPE. The log file is created in the artifact directory on the file system with the name artifact_name.slg. If you do not enable this option, Design Studio does not produce a session log.
Append to an existing session log
Appends a new log to an existing log file, if one exists, or creates a new log. When this option is not enabled, the new log overwrites an existing log.
Logging Level
Controls the level of information that is logged. The Severe, Warning, and Information options correspond to Java™ logging levels and represent descending message severity and importance. The All option tracks all messages.

The Debug option logs exceptions and other information from both HCL Transformation Extender and SPE. The Debug option produces a log of Transformation Extender and SPE information even when no exceptions occur.

Click Project > Clean to delete session log files.