BurstAudit execution in the audit log

The MapAudit Switch = On and the BurstAudit Execution = On map settings produce an audit log with burst execution information. The burst element provides information on the performance of the burst.

  • If all input cards have the FetchAs mode of Integral, there is one burst element in the audit log.
  • If any input card has the FetchAs mode of Burst, there is one element for each burst.

The execution log contains the return code of the burst, the amount of time it took to process the burst (in seconds), and a status of each input and output. The input and output status include the card number, the bytes processed, the adapter return code, and the content return code.

For example, if a burst fails because an adapter could not connect, the audit log defines which adapter failed. If an input is invalid, the content return code specifies which input is invalid. If an output rule fails, the content return code tells you which output failed.

A sample of the burst audit execution information in the audit log is:

<Burst count="1">
<ExecutionLog   burstreturn="0" ElapsedSec="0.0118">
<inputstatus    card="1"   bytes="52"   adapterreturn="0"   contentreturn="0"/>
<inputstatus    card="2"   bytes="69"   adapterreturn="0"   contentreturn="0"/>
<outputstatus   card="1"   bytes="119"   adapterreturn="0"   contentreturn="0"/>