Exported map rules

Exported map rules provide an XML text version of the map rules compiled in the exported map. Special and reserved characters are shown using XML standards.

The maximum length of a map rule is 32 KB. The exported size of a map rule may actually be larger if that map rule contains reserved characters.
For example, the single quote character (') exports as five characters (").

A sample of exported map rules is shown here:

<MapRule rulenumber="1">
      <objectset>CityStateZip Field:Label</objectset>
      <objectrule>City Field:Contact:ContactFile + &quot;, &quot; + 
 State Field:Contact:ContactFile + 
&quot; &quot; + ZipCode Field:Contact:ContactFile</objectrule>
    <MapRule rulenumber="2">
      <objectset>FullName Field:Label</objectset>
      <objectrule> Last Name Field:Contact:ContactFile + &quot;, &quot; + First Name 
    <MapRule rulenumber="3">
      <objectset>Company Field:Label</objectset>
      <objectrule>Company Field:Contact:ContactFile</objectrule>
    <MapRule rulenumber="4">
      <objectset>Street Field:Label</objectset>
      <objectrule>Street Field:Contact:ContactFile</objectrule>