FetchAs > FetchUnit

The FetchUnit setting only applies to input cards. The FetchUnit setting defines the number of units of data to retrieve each time a request for data is made to the adapter. FetchUnit is primarily used when the FetchAs setting is set to Burst although it may also be used in other situations. The default value for FetchUnit is S (unspecified all).

A specific FetchUnit value allows you to aggregate, or "batch", a set of physical units (such as messages on a queue) into a logical unit of work. The unit of data is adapter-specific.

Get all objects, database rows, messages on a messaging queue, or files.
1 - nnnn
Positive integer representing the logical or physical unit of data.

For messaging adapters, FetchUnit defines the number of messages to retrieve.

For File or Echo, FetchUnit defines the logical unit of data.

For database adapters, FetchUnit defines the number of rows.