FetchUnit with multiple input cards

In a case where more than one input card in a map references the same data object, the values of the FetchAs and FetchUnit card settings must be the same on all cards that reference that data object. Only one instance of the type tree component structure is stored with the compiled map, therefore the card settings that control that component structure must be the same on all cards using that data object. The type tree component structure stored with the map has one number that represents the maximum instances of that component. The FetchUnit setting changes this number.

For example, a map contains two input cards that both reference the ContactFile data object. This data object may be the card object (as specified with the TypeTree (Contact.MTT) and Type (ContactFile Data settings, as shown below) or may be a component of the card object.

To achieve desired data retrieval results, you must set the FetchAs and FetchUnit values the same on both cards that use the same type (ContactFile).

If different FetchAs and FetchUnit values are specified for the same data object on two different input cards in the same map, the FetchAs and FetchUnit values specified in the first card are used.