The OnSuccess setting specifies the location of the target data when a map, a burst, or a card completes successfully. The availability of the OnSuccess setting is adapter specific. The default value is Create.

The OnSuccess setting works in conjunction with the Scope setting, which defines when to apply the action specified with the OnSuccess setting.

Output data should be sent by the target adapter to its target. For example, if the map completes successfully, the message adapter should put the message on the specified queue.
Output data should be sent only if content exists. For example, a message adapter should put the message produced on the specified message queue. If no data was produced, no message should be sent.
Regardless of whether or not data content is produced, output data is not to be sent to its target. This option is available for temporary data storage as a map runs.
The output data should be appended to an existing data file. If the data file does not exist, it should be created.