Match percent examples

Here are examples of the minimum percent amount that the source and target names must match each other for the Auto Map operation to create rules.

If you select the option to create rules when the source and target names match by a specified percent, you must specify that percent amount. You can go back to the Select the options to map source to target window and select different percent amounts. Repeat this process until you get the matching results that you want.

The following table lists examples of source and target object names and the percent amount that is used for the match process. The Auto Map operation uses this percent amount as the matching criterion, which determines whether the operation creates the rules. In these examples, all of the names of the source and target objects match each other by at least the specified percent. In example 1, firstName matches fName by a minimum of 15 percent. Since the matching criterion is met, the Auto Map operation can create the rules.

Example Source object name Target object name Match percent
1 firstName fName 15
2 lastName lName 25
3 address addressLine 25
4 account acct 20
5 country ctry 20
6 zipCode zcode 50
7 birthDate bDate 15
8 event evt 30
9 telephone phone 15
10 proj project 15
11 record rcrd 15