Error messages for DataPower maps

The codes and messages that are listed in the Map execution error and warning messages topic can be returned as a result of running a DataPower map as well as a non-DataPower map. The error codes listed in this topic include a subset of those error codes, codes 1 through 53, plus additional error codes that are applicable only to DataPower maps, codes 5000 through 5004. They cover additional failure scenarios when running DataPower maps.

The descriptions listed below for error codes 1 through 53 are based on the descriptions for those same codes listed in the Map execution error and warning messages topic, but they depict the additional scenarios that caused the DataPower map run to fail.

Error codes 5000 through 5004 that are listed below, are unique to DataPower maps. They do not get returned at HCL Transformation Extender run time.

Code Description
1 User aborted map
Map execution was canceled by user.
4 Could not read map
A compiled map could not be found to attach to the request message, the WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliance could not read the files that are attached to the request message, or a run of a non-Datapower compiled map on the WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliance was attempted.
9 Target not available
An output file could not be saved on the file system. The number of outputs expected did not match in the response message.
10 Internal error
Any kind of internal error that occurs on the WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliance during map execution. For additional details about the cause of the internal error, view the audit log file contents.
12 Source not available
An input file cannot be found to attach to the request message.
37 Operation is not supported on the platform
A map, running on a WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliance, was attempting to use a function that WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliance does not support.
53 Open audit failure
The Map Designer failed to save the audit log file.
5000 Map execution initialization failure
Map execution cannot proceed because a jar file is missing or the initialization of the Map Designer failed. This error is returned when log file creation fails during Map Designer initialization.
5001 Map execution request build error
The Map Designer is unable to build the request message. This error occurs when files cannot be attached to a request message or when a general exception occurs while building the request message.
5002 Map execution request send error
The Map Designer is unable to send a request to the host. This error occurs when there is an exception during the transmission of the request message. When a connection failure occurs and the Retry setting is turned on, the Map Designer attempts to reconnect to the host.
5003 Map execution response receive error
The Map Designer is unable to process the response sent by the WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliance. This error is returned to the Map Designer when an exception or error occurs while output files are being attached to the response message.
5004 Map failed to run and aborted
This error is returned when any other exception occurs while the Map Designer is processing the request or response messages.