Save Messages options

The Save Messages options for the Interoperability Test Service pertain to the request and response messages, and the session log file.

Use the files that are generated when you select the Save Messages options to debug the problems that your map might encounter while running on a DataPower appliance. You can view these files using a text editor. By default, the options are not selected.

To access these settings, click Window > Preferences > Transformation Extender > Map > DataPower, and under Connectivity, click the Interoperability Test Service tab.

Request option
Select the Request option to save a copy of the request message (map_name_Request.msg) in the map directory.
The request message is the initial communication passed from the Map Designer to the DataPower appliance. It contains information about the compiled map, input files, as well as information about the Appliance configuration options, and mapping information pertaining to the input and output cards.
Response option
Select the Response option to save a copy of the response message (map_name_Response.msg) in the map directory.
The response message is a message generated by the DataPower appliance that passes the output and audit log files back to the Map Designer.
Session option
Select the Session option to generate the DataPower session log (map_name.dpl) file in the map directory.
The DataPower session log file contains test session information about a DataPower map running on a DataPower appliance from the Map Designer. It logs exception, informational, and execution messages.