Error messages in Design Studio for Sterling B2B Integrator services

The status codes listed in this topic can be returned to the Design Studio by the Map Test and Map Deploy services.

The status codes are for various categories of errors.

Status codes
Error category
6000 thru 6009
execution and communication errors
6010 thru 6019
input and output resource errors
6020 thru 6029
security errors
Table 1. Status codes for execution and communication errors
Code Description
6000 Internal error
Any kind of internal error that occurs on the Sterling B2B Integrator during map execution. For additional details about the cause of the internal error, view the audit log file contents.
6001 Map execution initialization failure
Map execution cannot proceed because a jar file is missing or the initialization of the Map Designer failed. This error is returned when log file creation fails during Map Designer initialization.
6002 Map execution request build error
The Map Designer is unable to build the request message. This error occurs when files cannot be attached to a request message or when a general exception occurs while building the request message.
6003 Map execution request send error
The Map Designer is unable to send a request to the host. This error occurs when there is an exception during the transmission of the request message. When a connection failure occurs and the Retry setting is turned on, the Map Designer attempts to reconnect to the host.
6004 Map execution response receive error
The Map Designer is unable to process the response sent by the Sterling B2B Integrator service. This error is returned to the Map Designer when an exception or error occurs while output files are being attached to the response message.
6005 Map failed to run and aborted
This error is returned when any other exception occurs while the Map Designer is processing the request or response messages. Map execution status in the response message should contain information about server errors.
6006 Map check in error
This error is returned when any processing error happens on the server side when checking in map.
Table 2. Status codes for input and output resource errors
Code Description
6010 Could not read map
A compiled map could not be found to attach to the request message, the Sterling B2B Integrator service could not read the files that are attached to the request message, or a run of the compiled map for a non-supported platform on the Sterling B2B Integrator was attempted.
6011 Source not available
An input file cannot be found to attach to the request message.
6013 Open audit failure
The Map Designer failed to save the audit log file.
Table 3. Status codes for security errors
Code Description
6021 Authentication Error
Service request was not successfully authenticated on the server.