Supported HCL Transformation Extender map functionality on Sterling B2B Integrator

Sterling B2B Integrator supports all mapping functions in IBM Transformation Extender maps.

All adapters are available on the target platform and specified in the map and card rules.

In addition to IBM Transformation Extender mapping functions, there are extensions to IBM Transformation Extender maps with the Sterling adapter so that the map can share information with the Sterling B2B Integrator services and other Sterling B2B Integrator processes. The adapter calls the data harness to provide access to Sterling B2B Integrator tables for maps to read data from, and write data to, these tables. Through calls to the data harness from the Sterling adapter in map rules, maps can store information about the data for tracking purposes and retrieve information from these tables.

If the maps use GET and PUT calls to the Sterling adapter to get and set certain values that are maintained in the Sterling B2B Integrator database tables, those maps can only run within the Sterling B2B Integrator environment.