Troubleshooting for the Test Map service

To troubleshoot IBM Transformation Extender maps running on a Sterling B2B Integrator server using the Test Map service, you reference the error return codes, and the session and audit log files.

Error messages

When a map fails to run, it displays the error status in the Run window of the Design Studio. The following topics contain the error codes and messages that can be returned when your IBM Transformation Extender map fails.

Log files for HCL Transformation Extender maps

The following files are created automatically when running a IBM Transformation Extender map from the Design Studio:

Each file is viewable with a text editor or from the Map Designer Organizer.

Trace and backup files are not returned to the Design Studio. They are saved on the Sterling B2B Integrator server in the logs directory if map settings are set to map directory, or in custom directory, if custom directory is present.