Find and replace

This topic describes the features of find and replace.

You have the option to do a find, which does a find or a find next operation only, a replace, which does a replace operation, a replace/find, which does both a replace operation and a find next operation, and a replace all, which does a replace operation for all found text. The available options are dependent on the objects you are searching.

Features of the find and replace options:
  • Run through the Find/Replace window navigated from the Edit menu on the menu bar, or from the Find/Replace option on the context menu of an object.
  • Operates on selected objects in a map source or type tree file.
  • Within a map source file, searches on:
    • Object names in a map card
    • Map rules in a card
    • Map elements in the Organizer folder, which is in the Outline view

    Only the Find option is available for searches within a map source file.

  • Within a type tree file, searches on:
    • Text characters associated with types
    • Text characters associated with components
    • Text characters associated with restrictions

    All options are available for searches on types within a type tree file.

    Only the Find and the ReplaceAll options are available for searches on components within a type tree file.