Search and replace

This topic describes the features of search and replace.

You have the option to do a search, which does a search operation only, or a replace, which does both a search operation and a replace operation. The search option searches the entire contents of a single map source file or multiple map source files, or a single type tree file or multiple type tree files based on the criteria you selected. The replace option does the search, and replaces the values in the search string with a replacement value for the search result components that you select to be included in the replace operation.

Features of the search and replace options:
  • Run through the Transformation Extender Search tab in the Search window navigated from the Search menu on the menu bar.
  • Operates on an entire map source or type tree file or files. You can set the scope of the Search operation to do the search within the workspace, a specific working set, or a specific directory. For map source files, you can also set the scope to do the search in a current Map editor.
  • Within a map source file or files, searches on:
    • All type tree names
    • All card names
    • All output objects
    • All map names
    • All card type names
    • All map rules
    • All reference files

    For example, you can search through map cards within a map source file, and replace file names ending with .txt with .dat. You can replace all card types named Record Set Data with Record Data. You can find card names that include the word Test.

  • Within a type tree file or files, searches on:
    • Type properties
    • Component rules
    • Restrictions
    • Type names

    For example, you can search through all type trees in your workspace, and replace those type names named month with mm.