Creating a project and importing maps

A project organizes maps and artifacts in Design Studio. You can create a project for the maps and artifacts that run on the Standards Processing Engine (SPE). Import any maps that are not created by Design Studio (such as XSLT files and schemas) into the project.


  1. Start Design Studio.
  2. Create a project:
    1. Select File > New > Extender Project.
    2. Specify a unique project name.
    3. Use the default path for the project, or clear the Use default location field and browse to another directory.
    4. Click Finish.
  3. Import a map to the project:
    1. Click File > Import.
    2. Expand General.
    3. Click File System and click Next.
    4. Browse to the directory that contains the map or other artifact to import and click OK. The source directory and its contents display.
    5. Select the maps and artifacts to import.
    6. Click Browse to select a folder in the current project to copy the artifacts into.
    7. Optional: Select the overwrite or folder structure options.
    8. Click Finish.