Comparing map source files

About this task

Map source file differences are compared for the selected map source files.

To compare map source files:


  1. In the Extender Navigator view or the Navigator view, press Ctrl and select two map source (.mms) files. You can compare maps, and cards within maps with different names.
  2. Right-click one of the selected map source files, and click Compare With > Compare Maps.
    IBM Transformation Extender opens the maps to do the compare operation.
    If the map files are large and do not open immediately, the Comparing Maps... window opens, and displays the Operation in progress... message. The progress of the comparison continues to display until the operation completes.
    The Compare Maps operation runs in the foreground. There is no option available for it to run in the background.


After the Compare Maps operation completes, a window containing the results opens. You can resize and position the window to view all differences.