Configuring data audit

About this task

Use the Data Audit Settings tab in the Organizer window to specify what information about the data to include in the audit log. Audit logs are for a single map.

To specify that you want to audit a particular object, drag that object from a card into the Data Audit Settings tab.

To audit a particular data object:


  1. For the specific map with cards that contain the data object, define the MapAudit map settings in the Map Settings dialog box:
    • MapAudit > Switch = On
    • BurstAudit > Data = On
  2. On the Map menu, click Organizer.

    The Organizer window is displayed.

  3. Drag the data object from the card into the Audit field on the Data Audit Settings tab.
  4. From the Track list, select what information to track.
  5. From the Detail list, select what information to report about the object's nested components.
  6. If possible, from the Item Data list, specify when to show the item data of that object.

    Data audit settings are compiled into the map file. If you change the audit settings in a map, you must build the map again for those settings to take effect.

    The name of an object in the Data Audit Settings tab is the complete object name. Names are not entered with ellipses, even if the Use Ellipses option is enabled.