Copying a card

About this task

Cards can be copied to a different map source file or to the same map source file. You can copy a card within the same map by adjusting the new map name in the Copy Card dialog box.

To copy a card by dragging


In the Outline view, press the Ctrl key while you drag the card name or names to the input card or output card icon in the target map. The copy process creates the new card with a new name. It appends a number to the original card name sequentially, _n, for each new card created.

To copy a card using the copy command


  1. In the Outline view, select the card to be copied.
  2. On the Card menu, click Copy.

    The Copy Card dialog box is displayed.

  3. Enter the target map source file name in the File field. You can also browse to display the Project Browser dialog box in which you can navigate the files in your project, select the map source file to which you want to copy the map, and click OK, which returns you to the Copy Map dialog box.
  4. In the Map field, enter the name of the map to which you want to copy the selected card, or select it from the list.
  5. For the Copy Card As option, enable either the Input or the Output option.
  6. If desired, enter the name of the new card in the Name field or select it from the list.
  7. Click OK. The card is copied to the map source file that you specified, with the name that you entered.