Creating a functional map

About this task

The functional map RecordMap maps a single FixedRecord to a single DelimitedRecord.

To create a functional map


  1. In the Navigator, select the map source file in which to create the desired functional map.
  2. In the Outline view, right click and click New on the context menu.
  3. Enter the name of the map to be created.
  4. Click OK.

    The new map is created and appears in the Outline view at a level beneath the executable map that calls it.

To create input and output cards in the functional map


  1. Create the required input cards. Each input card represents a single data object.

    The Type of the input card in a functional map must coordinate with the input argument(s) in the map rule on the executable map. If there is more than one input card in a functional map, ensure that the input card types correspond to the order of the input arguments.

  2. Create the required output card. Each output card represents a single data object.

    Functional maps have only one output card.

  3. Enter map rules to create the output of the functional map.
  4. Save the functional map.
  5. Build the executable map.
  6. Save and run the executable map.