Defining backup settings

About this task

The Backup settings are defined at the card level. Define the Backup setting for each input or output card as required. Expand the Backup setting to define the Switch, When, and BackupLocation, which includes the directory and filename values.

To define the Backup settings:


  1. From the Properties view of an input or output card, locate the Backup setting and set the Switch to ON.
  2. Use the When setting to define under what circumstances a backup file is created. Select Always or OnError.
  3. Under the BackupLocation Directory setting, specify if you want the backup data file written to the Map directory or to a Custom directory of your choice.

    If you selected Custom, the Value field appears under Directory. If you selected Map, proceed to the next step.

  4. In the Value field, browse your file structure and select a directory for the backup file.
  5. For the FileName setting, select Custom to create a filename, or Unique for a system-generated file name.

    If you selected Custom, the Action and Value fields appear.

  6. For the Action setting, specify how data should be written to the backup file. Select Create to create a new file upon map execution, which can overwrite an existing backup file with the same name, or Append to append to an existing file, creating it if it does not already exist.
  7. In the Value field, enter a name for the custom file.