How to reference a map

About this task

Use the following procedure to reference a functional map. To reference a map in this case means to "single-source" - or use a map in an external map source file by creating a reference to it.

For maintenance reasons, use this method as an alternative to copying maps. By referencing a map, maintenance can be performed in one location instead of the several locations that you might have copied the map to.

To reference a map


  1. Select the map source file to which you want to add a map.
  2. Click Map > Reference.

    The Map Reference Selection dialog box is displayed.

  3. Under Contents, browse to the parent map source, and expand it.
  4. Select the map and click >>. The map appears under Selected maps.
  5. Click Finish to create the map references. When you view the map settings for a referenced map, you see the location of the external source file.

To convert a referenced map to a local map


From the Outline view, right-click the referenced map and click Convert to Local.

The map is converted to a local map and is no longer associated with the original source.

If you are using an executable map with only one output card as a functional map, ensure that the inputs and outputs are accessible to it.