Merging a map

About this task

You can merge a map from one map source file to another map source file. Merging a map copies the map itself and all of the maps that are related by functional map references to that map.

When you merge a map, if any of the related maps already exist in the target map file, a prompt warning appears, giving you the option to overwrite the existing maps.

To merge a map by dragging


  1. In the Extender Navigator view, select the map or maps that you want to merge.
  2. Press Shift, and drag the map name to the folder of the target map source file.

To merge a map using the Merge command


  1. Place current focus on the map you want to merge. The map is active when the name of the map displays in the Map Designer title bar. You can double-click the map in the Extender Navigator view to place the focus on it.
  2. On the Map menu, click Merge.

    The Merge Map dialog box is displayed.

  3. In the Map file field, enter a map source file name. You can also browse to display the Project Browser dialog box in which you can navigate the files in your project, select the map source file with which you want to merge, and click OK, which returns you to the Merge Map dialog box.
  4. Click OK. The map is merged with the map source file that you specified.