The Organizer is a folder that contains information about the selected map.

About this task

The information includes unresolved rules, remarks, audit settings, the trace file, the audit log, and build errors.

To view the Organizer elements


  1. In the Extender Navigator view, double-click the map source (.mms) file. The Outline view appears.
  2. Expand the map in the Outline view. The Organizer folder appears.


Under the Organizer folder are Organizer elements including, but not limited to:
  • Audit Log
  • Build Results
  • Session
  • Trace
  • Profiler

When you double-click an Organizer element, the element opens in a tabbed view. The Audit Log element opens in the Audit view. The Build Results element opens in the Build view. The Profiler element opens in the Profiler view. The Trace element opens in the Trace view. All of these Organizer views can be opened at the same time.

When you select the Unique filename option for the audit log (MapAudit > AuditLocation > FileName), the audit log cannot viewed from the Audit view.

The font for these Organizer views can be customized.