Referencing an output in a map rule

About this task

To enter the object name of an output data object, drag it to the Rule editor just as you do with an input data object. Output data is built from top to bottom, beginning at the first output card.

You can map an output to another output, as long as the output you are mapping from is evaluated before the output you are mapping to.

You can reference an output in the same card or another card. You can reference a data object from another output card, as long as that output card is evaluated before the output card containing the map rule.

To reference an output in an earlier output card:


  1. To show two views of the output card, drag any card from the To window to the main window.
  2. View and select the destination rule cell where you want to enter the object name into the map rule.
  3. In the other view of the To window, view the output card that contains the data object you want to enter.
  4. Drag the object into the destination Rule editor.