Run results display options

About this task

When displaying run results for input and output data, you can view the results as XML or hexadecimal (hex) in addition to the regular text format.

Run results for data files with the following filename extensions display in XML mode by default: .xml, .xsd, .xsx, .wsdl, and .xsl. If the data files do not have the mentioned filename extensions, but an XML prolog (<?xml) is present at beginning of the data, the run results are also displayed in XML mode. Otherwise, the results display in a general text format or in hex mode if selected.

If XML validation errors occur, they are displayed as text.

To view run results in hex mode


In the Run Results dialog box, select the Display in Hex Mode check box.

If you want the offset to be displayed by the decimal value, from the Tools menu, click Options. For the Run Results, select the Show offset in decimal values check box.

To view run results data as XML


  1. When viewing the data source and target run results, right-click the display window to view a context menu.
  2. Click XML Display.

    If you click XML Display and the data file does not meet the specified criteria (listed under Run results display options ) an error message is displayed.