Running a map

About this task

You can run a map from within the Map Designer.

To run a map:


In the Outline view or Composition view, select the map and do one of the following choices:
  • On the Map menu, click Run.
  • On the toolbar, click the Run icon.
  • Right-click the map and on the context menu, click Run.

Default map settings are set in the Run Options window that you open from Window > Preferences > Transformation Extender > Map > Run Options. After a map is created, select Map Settings from the Map menu to change the settings for the selected map.

You can override the original map and card settings of the map in the Map Designer. In the Extender Navigator view, right-click the map in the Map Executables folder, and on the menu, click Map Settings. Use this feature to test different combinations of map and card settings dynamically with the same map without recompiling the source map.


The Command Server window opens and displays the executable map name, status, total number of input objects found, total number of output objects built, and elapsed time. These statistics indicate the progress of the map run while the data is being mapped.