Running the Map Debugger

About this task

When output from map execution is not what was expected, you can use the debug functionality to the analyze each step of map execution.

To analyze map execution


  1. In the Outline view, Composition view, Navigator view, or Extender Navigator view, select the specific map to debug.
  2. Click the Debug icon on the toolbar to enable debug mode.
  3. To set a breakpoint, right-click an output object and click Add BreakPoint on the context menu.

    The object rule is highlighted in yellow or the color that you select in Preferences > Run/Debug.

  4. Build and run the map.

    Map execution pauses when it encounters the object for which the break was positioned.

    The current rule is displayed in the Debug Rule window.

  5. At this point, you can choose from the following options:
    • Step In to execute the next object or function in the rule. For objects, the current value appears. For functions, the output displays the result of the particular function.
      • At a rule level, the debug process proceeds to the next function or returns the value of the next object in the current rule.
      • At the function level, the object or map evaluated is updated, displaying the data that was returned.
      • At the object level, the value of the object is displayed.
      • At the function and map level, the result of the particular operation is displayed.
    • Step Thru to step through the rule until you recognize the problem. When the current rule executes the results are displayed. At a function level this option does not debug the remainder of the functions/objects in the rule.
    • Step Over to move to the next rule in the current map.
    • Continue to continue map execution and stop at the next breakpoint if one exists, otherwise continue to the end of the map.
    • Stop to stop map execution. Execution will cease when all RUN maps have completed.