Trace tab

About this task

To view the trace file for the selected map, click the Trace tab on the organizer window or use any text editor to view the file in the specified directory.

The trace file is a text file that records map execution progress. Input data, output data, or both input and output data may be included in a trace file. The trace file should only be used for debugging purposes because performance is impacted.

To create a trace file:


  1. Select the map.
  2. On the Map menu, click Settings.
  3. Enable tracing by setting the MapTrace Switch to On.
  4. Specify the desired MapTrace settings and click OK.


The trace file is created after the map is compiled and executed. After you run a map, the trace file can be viewed on the Trace tab in the organizer window.

A trace file of input messages displays a line for each data object, showing:

  • The level of the object in the card.
  • The offset of the data object in the data stream.
  • The length of the data object.
  • The component number of the data object.
  • The index of the component.
  • A portion of the actual data.
  • The name of the type to which it belongs.

By default, the Trace tab displays all messages (summary and detail) in a binary trace file. Use the View menu in the title bar to display a summary of the messages or the message details without a summary.

See "Troubleshooting" for information about using the trace file.