Using a resource alias with referenced maps

About this task

Using a resource alias for referenced map source files is a three-part process:

  • The resource configuration file (.mrc) must be created and defined.
  • The Map Designer is configured to locate the .mrc file.
  • The resource name-enclosed in percent signs-is used instead of the file path when choosing a map to reference.

For information about creating and defining a resource configuration file (.mrc), see the Resource Registry documentation.

Use the following procedure for using resource alias files with referenced maps in the Map Designer.

To use a resource alias with a referenced map:


  1. On the Map Designer menu, click Windows > Preferences > Transformation Extender > Map > Run Options.
  2. In the Configuration File field, click browse and in the Open dialog box, locate the resource configuration file (.mrc) to use for referenced maps and click Open.
  3. In the Run Options dialog box, click Okay to save the changes.
  4. Double-click the map source file in the Extender Navigator view to place the focus on it.
  5. Click Map > Reference.
  6. The Map Reference Selection dialog box is displayed.
  7. In the Referenced Map Source File field, enter the resource name enclosed in percent (%) symbols followed by the name of the map source file to which you are creating a reference.

    Example: %resource_name%map_name.mms

    The contents of the map source file appear in the Contents pane.

  8. Make your map reference selections and click OK.

    The referenced maps are displayed in the Navigator.


The map settings for the referenced map also indicate that this map is a referenced map using a resource alias.