Using the Functional Map Wizard

About this task

The functional map creation requires a map rule on an output card of an executable map.

To use the Functional Map Wizard:


  1. In the executable map, enter the map rules for the functional map.
  2. Select the rule, or rules, for which you want to generate a functional map, or maps.
  3. On the Rules menu, click Functional Map Wizard.

    The Functional Map Wizard dialog box is displayed.

  4. If necessary, correct problems related to undefined cards and maps.
  5. Edit the cards as required. It is recommended to assign meaningful names to the cards in the functional map. A good tip is to name the card the same name as the data object it represents.

    After a map is successfully created, an icon appears next to the map name and the cards for that map.

  6. Select a map to create and click Create.

    The map is created in the active map source file. You can then modify the functional map and enter the appropriate map rules.

  7. Continue doing this until all the maps you want to create with the wizard are created.
  8. Click Close to close the wizard dialog box.