Viewing map source file differences

About this task

After two map source files are compared, the Map Source File Differences window is displayed. Resize and position window as desired.

The Map Source File Differences window has four panes. The contents of the two map source files being compared display alphabetically. This view presents a detailed list of the maps contained in the map source file, and the input and output cards for each map.

Colors provide an indication of differences in map source files.

  • Differences are red.
  • Additions are blue.

To view map source file differences:


  1. Place current focus in the Map Source File Differences window.
  2. Select any map or card to view the differences.

    The settings display in the lower windowpanes. Settings that have differences are indicated in red.

  3. Press F8 to view the next difference.

    Press F7 to view the previous difference.

    In the Map Source File Differences window, you can view map and card settings on any element for the compared map source file, even when differences do not exist. Press Alt while clicking the object to view the settings of the different object.