Creating a self-signed certificate

About this task

Use the New operation to create a new self-signed certificate in the JRE certificate store.

To create a new self-signed certificate:


  1. Click Window > Preferences > Transformation Extender > Map > Security. The Security preferences pane opens.
  2. Under Certificates, click Manage Certificates. The Manage Certificates window opens.
  3. Under Manage, display the Certificate list and select New.
  4. When a confirmation message is displayed, click Yes. The Create New Certificate window is displayed.

    The Store field displays the default location for the JRE certificate store. You cannot edit this field.

  5. In the File field, enter a name for the new certificate and the path of where it will be stored. An example is: install_dir\filename.
  6. In the Alias field, enter an alias name for the certificate.
  7. Under Distinguished Name in the Common Name field, enter the common name for the certificate. The common name must contain the host name of the system to which communication is being established. HTTPS communication does not support using an IP address for the Host or Common Name fields.

    The remaining fields under Distinguished Name, which are Organization, Department, Locality, State, and Country, are optional.

  8. Under Private Key, enter a name for the new private key file and the path of where it will be stored. An example is: install_dir\filename.
  9. Click Create. The results of the operation are displayed beneath the Certificate list. A successful operation displays messages similar to the following messages:
    Certificate stored in file <MyCert1File>
    Certificate was added to keystore.

    Upon successful certificate creation, the new certificate is automatically added to the JRE certificate store located in install_dir\java\lib\security\cacerts.

    If there is an error with certificate creation, click Execute to go back to the Create New Certificate window and make corrections.

  10. Click Close in the Manage Certificates window, and click OK in the Security preferences pane to save the changes.