Generating a map report

Use the Generate Report menu option to generate a map report file.

About this task

Generate a map report HTML file to view information about the map source (.mms) file through a web browser, or an HTML editor. The generated map report file contains information about the number of maps that the map source file has, map settings, and the input and output cards of a map. It also lists the type trees specified in each card as well as the map rules for each output card.


To generate a map report file:

  1. In the Outline view or the Composition view of the Design Studio, either click the map source file and click Map > Generate Report, or right-click the map source file and click Generate Report. The Generate Map Report window opens.
  2. To change the default current project location in which to save the map report file, select a different location in the Save in list.
  3. To change the default map report file name, enter File name.
  4. Click Save.


The map report file is saved in the specified location and opens in the Internal Web Browser editor that is in the Transformation Extender Development perspective. You can view the file output from within the Design Studio or any external tool. You can also view the .html source file from the Design Studio or numerous HTML editors.