Opening an existing map

Use this procedure to open an existing map.

About this task

To open an existing map, either double-click the map source .mms file in any directory listing, or select the map source .mms file from the Extender Navigator view in the Design Studio. Select the option underTransformation Extender preferences to change the default behavior to always open the Transformation Extender Development perspective when you double-click an existing map source (.mms) file outside the Design Studio.


To open an existing map:

  1. Determine if the map file is in your current project. If so, make sure the Extender Navigator view (workspace) is open and complete steps a and b.
    1. Expand the project's subtree to show the desired file.
    2. Double-click the file. The map opens in an editor window.

    When the map file is not in the current project, it must be imported.

  2. Click File > Import. The Import window opens.
  3. Expand General.
  4. Click File System and click Next.
  5. Click Browse to locate the file directory.
  6. Choose the directory that contains the map and click OK. The source and destination directories and files appear pictorially in the Import window.
    Tip: To select only specific file extensions for import, use the Filter Types option.

    After you make your import selections, you must browse for a folder into which to import the map.

  7. At the Into folder field, click Browse. The Import into Folder dialog box opens. This dialog box displays the folders in the current project.
  8. Select a folder and click OK.
  9. Under Options, make additional selections if needed.
    • Overwrite existing resources without warning
    • Create a complete folder structure
    • Create selected folders only
  10. Click Finish. The files you selected are imported into the project.