Renaming the map

You can optionally change the functional map name.

About this task

After you select one of the target objects for which there is a rule that contains a functional map, and click Rename map in the Select rules to create page of the Auto Map wizard, the Rename Map window opens. The window displays the default functional map name in the Map Name field.


To rename the functional map:

  1. In the Map Name field that is displayed in the Rename Map window of the Auto Map wizard, rename the functional map. The default is the selected functional map.
  2. Click OK. The Rename Map window closes. In the Select rules to create page, the functional map name in the rule for the targeted object you selected is replaced by the changed map name.


The Auto Map operation automatically maps the selected source and target objects that are based on the matching properties and the proposed rules that you selected. The rule from the source is not mapped to the target for the following objects:
  • Objects that you did not select to create a rule.
  • Objects for which the mapping process did not find a match.