Using search and replace

There are different criteria that you can set when you use search and replace in the Design Studio.

About this task

To use search and replace:


  1. Click Search > Search on the menu bar, or press Ctrl+H. The Search window opens.
  2. Click the Transformation Extender Search tab. This is the view through which you make your search and replace selections.
  3. Enter text or wildcard characters in the Search string field. Case sensitive and Whole word are optional fields that you can select.
  4. Under Search In:, click Map Source Files.
  5. Under Search For:, click one of the search entities.
  6. Under Scope:, click one of the scope entities.
  7. Click Search to do a search operation only, or Replace to do both a search and a replace operation.
  8. If you clicked Replace, the Map Designer window opens and displays the following message: Changes made using replace can not be undone. Do you want to continue with replace? Respond to the message by clicking OK.
  9. While the operation is running, it displays the Search Query window containing the Operation in progress message. If it is searching through a large number of resources, the window remains open. Click Run in Background so that you can continue to access the Design Studio graphical user interface (GUI).
    You can monitor the operation's progress by opening the Progress view, and viewing the progress indicator. You can also cancel the operation in this view. The operation completes and displays any matches in the lower pane under the Search tab.
  10. Click a map source file listed in the search results to see the details of the matches.

    Double-click any map name in the list to locate it in the Map editor.
  11. If you clicked Replace to do both a search and a replace operation, do the following additional steps:
    1. Select the check box next to each map name in the search results details to include in the replace operation.
      There are two options in Search view that you can use if there are many search results to include (Select All), or exclude (Deselect All) from the replace operation.
      • Select All - automatically selects all of the maps
      • Deselect All - automatically deselects all of the maps, which were previously selected
    2. Enter the replacement text in the With: field. The Replace: field contains the text you entered in the Search string field of the Search window.
    3. Click Replace. The operation replaces the text in the Replace: field with the text in the With: field in every search result you selected to be included in the operation. It cannot replace text if you selected Output under the Search For: pane. When the operation completes, the Map Designer window displays a message about how many replacements were made.
    4. Click OK.