Setting Custom File name

About this task

Use the Custom File window to define where the file is to be deployed if it is to a location other than the predefined locations in the Default file list.

To define the custom target location of the file being deployed:


  1. In the Map Designer, click Window > Preferences > Transformation Extender > Map > DataPower. The DataPower preferences pane opens.
  2. Under Connectivity, click the XML Management Interface Service tab.
  3. Under File Options, click Custom. The Custom File window opens.
  4. Select the custom file name from the list under Enter the custom file name. The default value is local:///.
  5. Define your own location by specifying either the actual path or variables, or a combination of both path and variables.
  6. Click OK. This returns you to the Connectivity window with your location in the Default file field.