Setting password for XML Management Interface service

About this task

When you select Deploy to DataPower to deploy a DataPower map from the Map Designer to a WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliance, you might or might not be prompted to enter your DataPower password in the Enter Password window.

If the Enter Password window does open, it is because one of the following scenarios occurred:

  • You did not enter a password under Connectivity, in the XML Management Interface Service tab of the DataPower preferences pane that opens from Window > Preferences > Transformation Extender > Map > DataPower.
  • You entered a password in the DataPower preferences pane, but you subsequently closed the Map Designer application before deploying the DataPower map.

    When you enter your password, it is saved only in memory, and therefore, available to the deploy process until you exit the Map Designer. After you exit the Map Designer application, your password is no longer available when you restart Map Designer and attempt to deploy a DataPower map.

To set password:


  1. Enter a password in the Enter Password window.
  2. Click OK. The Enter Password window closes.


The XML Management Interface service validates your DataPower user name, password and domain.

If the authentication is successful, the deployment process continues.

If the authentication fails, the Problem Occurred window opens. Click OK to close the window, or Details to expand the window and view the error message.