Testing HCL Transformation Extender maps

You can test running an IBM Transformation Extender map on a Sterling B2B Integrator server.

About this task

When you run an IBM Transformation Extender map, the map run operation attaches the compiled map and input files to a request message and sends it to the Sterling B2B Integrator server. After processing has completed successfully, the Sterling B2B Integrator server returns a response message with the status of the map run, any error messages, and audit log file if available to the Design Studio.

To test running an IBM Transformation Extender map on a Sterling B2B Integrator server:


  1. Configure the Design Studio connection properties for IBM Transformation Extender maps in the Sterling B2B Integrator preferences pane.
  2. Complete any additional prerequisite steps depending on the map's functionality and settings.

    • You need to make sure that any maps that will be run by the RUN function are either checked into the Sterling B2B Integrator map repository, or located relative to the parent map location on the server.
    • If the Schema > Type > Metadata card setting specifies an XML schema, you need to check the schema into the Sterling B2B Integrator schema repository from the Sterling B2B Integrator Dashboard. For information about resolving XML entries, read the related topic in the IBM Transformation Extender for Sterling B2B Integrator documentation.
  3. In the Outline view or Composition view, select one or more executable maps, and right-click the maps.

    You can select multiple compiled IBM Transformation Extender maps to test run at the same time using the standard selection operations. Press Shift and click a range of maps, or press Ctrl and click individual maps.

  4. Click Run on Sterling B2B Integrator.

    This starts the map run operation. For more details about what occurs during the map run operation, see Run operation details.

  5. To run the maps in the background, from the Run on Sterling B2B Integrator: host_URL window, click Run in Background.
  6. You can monitor the operation's progress in the Progress view, and view the progress indicator. If you did not open the Progress view before you clicked Run on Sterling B2B Integrator, you can open it in either one of the following ways:
    • Click the progress icon.
    • Click Window > Show View > Other, and under General in the Show View window, click Progress.

    The Progress view opens.

    You can also cancel the map run operation in this view.


The map run operation completes. For more details about the run results from testing an IBM Transformation Extender map on a Sterling B2B Integrator server, see Result details from test running maps.

What to do next

When you have completed testing your maps so that they run without errors and are ready for production, there are additional tasks to complete. You can deploy the maps to the production environment using the Deploy map to Sterling B2B Integrator option in the context menu of the selected maps. For information about running maps in a production environment, see the IBM Sterling B2B Integrator documentation.