Scenario: configure paging by input file size

The following test scenario was created to demonstrate how the input size might require a larger information window or page setting, so it does not impact performance.

Two test cases were created and then executed using the same testing procedures.

  • Maps: The same map is used in both tests.
  • Inputs: There are two input data files.
    • Input 1 size: 3 MB
    • Input 2 size: 11 MB
  • Process:
    • Map performed a number of operations such as a large number of EXTRACT() calls that spanned each of the input data files.
    • These requests mandated that a certain percentage of the input data be available at any given time for optimal performance.
  • Objective:
    • Determine the page size to get the optimal execution time for each of the input data files.
  • Test Case 1 Result:
    • Quantitative measurement of execution time at various page counts and sizes identified an optimal execution time at the following workpage settings for the 3 MB input data file: size 64 K and count 12. This is represented by -P64:12, where -P is WorkSpace Paging, 64 is the page size and 12 is the page count.
  • Test Case 2 Result:
    • The same testing procedure found -P64:53 to produce the optimal execution time for the 11 MB input data file.
  • Conclusion:
    • Paging settings depend on input data size just as much as they do on the map rules. An optimal page setting for a given map and data file might not be optimal for the same map with a much larger or smaller data file.