POST /v2/schedule/url

Set scheduler properties for a flow. Any flow variables that the flow should use can be passed in the flow_vars query parameter which takes flow variables as a JSON string.

For example, {"myVariable":"sampleValue",”otherVariable”:”otherValue”}

The request body should contain a JSON object specifying the desired scheduler properties to be set. These properties are listed below:
  • start – A string representing the time of day that the flow should start being executed which should be a string in the form "HH:MM". If specified, ‘end must also be specified.
  • end – A string representing the time of day that the flow should stop being executed. This is a string in the form HH:MM. If specified, start must also be specified.
  • days – An array of integers between 1 and 7 which represent the days on which the flow should be run, with Monday being a 1 and Sunday being a 7. If not specified, the flow will run every day.
  • unit - The unit of time for the scheduler. Can be hours, minutes, or seconds. If specified, interval must also be specified.
  • interval – An integer that together with unit determines how often the flow will execute. If specified, unit must also be specified.
  • skipifbusy – A Boolean expression, which is treated as true by default, which determines whether the flow should execute if an instance of it is already being executed.
  • timezone – A string representing the timezone of the start and end times.