PUT /v2/run/url

Synchronously run a map or flow whose package has been started. The result contains the data of each output card that was set as a REST output for a map, or each flow output terminal defined for a flow.

If there is only one, it will be returned as a stream of bytes, otherwise, the multiple outputs will be joined into a multipart/form-data response. These requests will timeout after a timeout length specified in the synchronous.timeout property in tx-rest.properties.

The status and log can also be specified as values for the return query parameter for both maps and flows, which return a status message about the run and the audit for a map, respectively.

For a flow, status and log both just return a status message, but with log specified, that status message contains the flow audit. Maps can also use the value trace which returns the map trace. Multiple values for the return parameter can be specified at one time.