GET map function

Access token expiry action (-ATEA) is set to reportError, the adapter will throw 401 – Unauthorized error, if token is invalid or expired.

GET("SFORCE", " -E getRecord -ATEA reportError -AT access_token -IURL -SV 46.0 -SON Account")

To refresh the access token when it expires, set ATEA to ‘refresh_token’ (Refresh Token). -RT is provided with refresh token captured outside HIP/ITX along with consumer key:

GET("SFORCE", " -E getRecord -ATEA refresh_token -CK consumerKey -AT accessToken -RT refreshToken -TF filepath -EK ekey -IURL -SV 46.0 -SON Account "

To get new token, if it expires, ATEA is set to ‘password’ (Request New Token) along with username, password, consumer key and consumer secret. Optionally security token, if provided by Salesforce:

GET("SFORCE", " -E getRecord -ATEA password -UN username -PWD pwd -CK consumerKey -CS consumersecret -AT accessToken -ST secToken -RT refreshToken -TF filepath -EK ekey -IURL -SV 46.0 -SON Account")